North Star Youth Services in Cloverdale, California will assist our youth in discovering their purpose and value in life!

Our mission!

Our mission is to emPOWER youth to create a positive foundation for their future by discovering their direction and the POWER to change their life. At North Star we provide a safe gathering environment offering emotional, physical and academic support to all youth in our community as well as offering informal sports, academic support, health and nutrition resources, community mentoring, and job readiness skills. We also offer youth with the opportunity to redirect their life by establishing goals through life skills and career development training in school, participating with a career mentor, and service in the community.

Become a North Star Member!

Youth can become a North Star member by submitting a completed registration packet with a $25.00 processing fee. Youth interested in our mentoring program are selected through an application process and by participating in leadership training and development. All North Star members are encouraged to participate in our sports activities, field trips, community service, and internship programs.To become a member, read and fill out the Registration Application.

Become a Volunteer!

There are many different reasons why people volunteer. Some are interested in working with youth on a professional basis, while others may need credits towards school courses. Retired individuals may choose to volunteer due to their wealth of knowledge about world affairs. Whatever the reason it is that brings you into the doors of our organization, we appreciate the time you have taken to make a difference in the lives of the youth we serve. To become a volunteer, read and fill out the Volunteer Application.

Become a Mentor!

To become a mentor, read and fill out the Mentor Application.

Make a Donation!